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Case Study:  Festival Fomo


FestivalFOMO is a discovery app from WUNDER that combines deep psychographic insight and third wave AI with gamification, to transform the discovery phase of the eCommerce journey. Here the customer is a colour cosmetics brand. Festival Fomo is an innovative way to attract and convert highly qualified consumers through the power of play. It may look like a simple quiz, but is in fact a highly targeted AI-powered game engineered to attract specific target groups, that blends AI with gamification to connect people with the online products that they are most likely to love.


The AI Inventory of WUNDER

Hook Intelligence

Interactive personality quizzes are engineered using WUNDER’s ‘hook intelligence’. These are designed based on decades of eCommerce psychographic insight and experimentation. 

Interest Intelligence

Interest based content that can be deployed on any channel (banners, videos and posts) are designed to attract and engage key target groups. 

Targeting Intelligence

In Festival FOMO’s case, the target user is the ‘NeoHippie’ one of 18 key target-groups that have been researched and developed using WUNDER’s trademarked MindGraph. The Neo Hippie is the core target group for our sample client, which in this example, is a colour cosmetic brand. 

Quiz Intelligence

Users experience a fun and playful quiz that asks them to choose between seemingly random scenarios. Scenarios have been built using decades of deep behavioural insight and psychographic principles. Underneath the hood, WUNDER’s technology responds to user’s answers in realtime, building out eCommerce purchase options that are tailored to the personality profiles of the users. These options are introduced as part of the game experience, while the player is at their most engaged and interested.

Gamification Intelligence

Users are rewarded in a number of ways throughout the game experience, until finally they are brought to a customised landing page or look book that is populated with products that have been perfectly matched in realtime using WUNDER’s 3rd wave matching AI.


The eCommerce market is mature, competition is high. Traffic acquisition is high. Programmatic drives poor quality traffic. Online shopping is boring and transactional. FestivalFOMO is an intelligent engagement app blending psychographic insight with gamification and AI to create powerful, playful ways to connect consumers with products they will love. WUNDER makes cognitive, AI-powered games easily accessible to online retail brands, providing them with entirely new ways to drive highly qualified, engaged consumers into the sales funnel.

There are better ways to engage consumers!

About the market

The online retail market is being disrupted at every angle. Consumers are bored and frustrated with flat and unsatisfying online experiences.  In 2020 global e-commerce sales came to US $4.28 trillion, projected to reach 5.4 trillion in 2022. (Statista). Web3.0 and the Metaverse herald a new, consumer centric vision of the web. Festival Fomo and engagement apps like it represent a new wave of playful and AI powered consumer engagement. 

Programmatic sucks, doesn’t it?

Programmatic marketing is broken. It’s expensive, painful and technically complex. Attribution and data management gets increasingly convoluted. Brands are failing to convert attention into hard sales. Festival Fomo  is an engagement app that delivers highly qualified leads to the sales funnel in intelligent, playful ways! 

Micro-personalization at scale

FestivalFomo combines deep psychographic insight and third wave AI with gamification, to create new and playful ways to allow consumers to discover products they will love. With look books that are built in real time in direct response to consumer choices, this engagement app achieves micro-personalization at scale! 

Well Hello NeoHippie! 

A WUNDER engagement app always begins with a target audience. Not sure who your target audience is? Check out our Target MindBook, which helps you to visualise everything you need to know about your consumers! We wanted to create an engagement app that was of particular interest to the ‘NeoHippie’ target group. This consumer makes spontaneous purchases, and invests in experiences and looks. They want to look good, but different than mainstreamers. They are fun and experimental and don’t particularly care about classic status symbols. We used ‘Hook Intelligence’ to realised that Festivals and FOMO in the right combination would help connect this target user with a WUNDER engagement app.  Our Data Cognition Engineers used our Matching AI intelligence to match over 50 international festivals with emotional characteristics of online shoppers. The quiz uses ‘fireworks inference’ to generate personalised look books for each player are rewards them with the products and accessories most suited to their quiz answers and emotional profiles. 


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