Meet Our Remote Working WUNDER Team

Since day one, WUNDER’s philosophy has been to “Think big. Dream. Explore. Discover. And then build something massive.”

WUNDER is a cutting edge company with deep domain expertise and big ambition. Our bold, inventive and incredibly talented team proudly live by that philosophy every day. Each week we are encouraging each other forward, testing new innovations and pushing the limits of what is possible in consumer engagement. Our mission is to transform the world of online retail using next-generation cognitive AI.

Our fully remote team of over 30 AI, UX and data engineers span four international locations including Germany, Ireland, Portugal and The Canary Islands. Despite the distance between us, we are a close-knit group. We connect over Trello, Teams, GitHub, Slack and Zoom but what connects us most closely is a shared curiosity, a spirit of creativity and desire to revolutionise the world of online shopping. 

Remote working is something we love at WUNDER. We firmly believe that great work gets done when people are content and living a balanced life. We also want to give our team the freedom to visit relatives and not have to sit in traffic day-in, day-out. Life is about living, not waiting for a light to go green. We trust our team wholeheartedly and want to give them the freedom to take care of their own projects and find their own rhythm. 

The Growing Team at WUNDER

2021 has been an exciting year for the WUNDER team. Our range of products is ever evolving and our team continues to expand. If you’d like to join our team, we’d love to hear from you

At WUNDER, you get to work in an industry that is exploding into life. eCommerce is going through one of its most exciting, transformative periods ever and we are right in the middle of it. You get to work with big data, machine learning, real-time behavioural insight, and industry-leading third wave AI. You also get to work with some of the most exciting names in fashion, beauty, travel, food, home living and sports.

But most importantly, you get to work with this bunch of smiling faces. Say cheese!

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Are Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne Twins? 

It’s a strange question but one we wanted to explore. Until recent years, marketing relied mainly on demographic data to figure out customers’ motivations. This kind of information is valuable. However, it doesn’t paint the full picture. Demographic data only gives us a partial insight into who our customers are. It does not tell us very much about their personalities or how they think.

Take for example the similarities between the bat-eating rocker and the Prince of Wales. They are born in the same year, have the same nationality, same race and level of income. On paper, they might even be twins. In this blog we explore the limitations of demographic data and take a closer look WUNDER’s approach to psychographic segmentation. It’s a fun examination, we hope you enjoy it.

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